Your Donation

Why donate to the Feet on the street foundation? When you donate, you're not only contributing to the end of child hunger in the U.K, but positively impacting hundreds of families lives who are struggling throughout this difficult time. No child deserves to go hungry, and you can make the change that's necessary to ensure every struggling child and family gets the help they deserve. Can't donate financially right now? No worries, we also accept food, drink toiletries etc.

The Delivery

With your donations and contributions, we are able to have food and other essentials delivered directly to the people who need it most. The demand for weekly food bags rapidly increased from 200 in the first week, to now over 1000  to families across East London, as well as Manorfield. The deliveries are now reaching out to 20 other local schools, providing food parcels to the most vulnerable, in addition to 145 daily meals to families everyday.

Our Contribution

Our amazing volunteers work tirelessly to get your donations and food parcels to the people who need it most. We love helping those in need get the essentials they deserve and every food bag, toiletry, and money contribution is extremely appreciated by all who receive them. The more help we receive from amazing people like you, the more smiles we can put on people's faces and the more we can continue doing the things we love. 

Home Deliveries

We understand that sometimes it's difficult for those who are in need to come and collect their essentials from us directly. So, we've introduced personal home delivery slots to those who aren't able to meet us in person. We send our incredible volunteers out to deliver food bags and your other important donations to make it even easier for those who are in need to get the things they need during this difficult time. 

The Children

For 2.5 million children in the U.K alone, food poverty is a sad reality. Not only does this effect children, but around 1.6 million people in the U.K use food banks every week. The children who rely on free school meals will struggle massively during these times, and together, we can work hard to make sure no child goes hungry, and ensure we are doing our bit to help those in need.